Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tour de Pain: Extreme 10k

The amazing tour de pain: extreme series in Jacksonville started with a 10k at 7pm last Friday night. I have to preface this with the fact that I had never run a 10k before!! I was nervous and very excited about the new distance and an automatic personal record. This race wasn't too big and I was happy it wasn't going to be super crowded.

T and I got there early so I could do a little warm up and get my time chip. We did some exploring and then I kissed him goodbye as I headed towards the starting line. I knew I didn't want to go all out on this race and tried to keep it as easy of a pace as possible, knowing I still had 2 races to go!

The 10k course was a down and around that included both bridges near the Jacksonville landing, an overpass, and a pedestrian bridge. Having looked briefly at the course before hand, I hadn't noticed this at all. Oh well. All the more challenge for me!

big bridge and sunset!

I got some great sunset pictures though! It was nice to not have to worry too much about the timing and just really enjoy the course. And I did, as I suffered running over the big bridges. One, I might add, that didn't have a solid bottom so you could just look down and see the water! This part boggled my mind a little bit.

Overall, I finished in 1:04:10. I was extremely happy with this time. Like I said before, I wasn't really racing it and I got some great pictures in the mean time! And who doesn't love running by and over the water?? This was a very fun race.

Look out for my half marathon update tomorrow!!

Until next time!

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