Sunday, April 21, 2013

Goals for Summer

This summer and fall will be the first time I will have had a busy race schedule planned out. This isn't a huge surprise considering I've only been running a year, but it will include some experimenting with training plans.

During the first half of the summer I'm hoping to just sort of wing it with mileage. This week I'm hoping to make a plan of my own until I can start my marathon training for this December. I figure if I'm going to start planning my miles I should probably have some goals in mind.

Summer Goals:

1. Do more cross training.
I would really like to have some more yoga, swimming, cycling, and weight training during my running schedules. I'm looking to be as well rounded of an athlete as I possibly can.

2. Work on speed.
After my surprising half marathon finish time, I would really like to boost my speed workouts and become faster this year.

3. Stretch and foam roll more often
I still have a bit of an issue with tight IT bands and I know foam rolling and stretching will definitely help lessen this problem.

4. Enjoy my rest days.
I definitely enjoy my rest days now, but seeing as this summer might be the last one before I get a big kid job, I want to take as many adventures as possible and really work on crossing things off my bucket list!

Hopefully I can use my summer to my full advantage and get better as an athlete and as a runner!

Until next time!

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