Monday, February 4, 2013


My running buddy and I had quite a successful weekend when it comes to fitness. This weekend was very cold so I feel quite accomplished. Now there wasn't snow or ice on the ground, but for being in Florida, we were very bundled during both of our workouts. 

Saturday we got our first really good trail run in! We ran 5 miles in the 35 degree weather. The trail we went to was absolutely gorgeous. I neglected to take pictures, but I'll do better next weekend. We didn't come across anyone until we hit mile 4 and were almost back to our cars. It made this run extra nice with the quiet and the beauty of the path. We did however, come upon about 5-6 deer! 

Not the best picture and 3-4 of them ran off the second we came around the corner, but i did my best to get a picture of the 2 who stuck around for a moment more! It was a lovely surprise on such a cold morning! 

Sunday I did my first ever stadium workout! This was definitely hard for me. I felt very out of shape and I am very sore this morning! I tried new things and I'm definitely hoping that we make this a weekly event. 

So that was my weekend! I'll leave you with a fantastic picture of my amazing outfit I wore for our running Saturday in the cold! 

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