Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Bad" food

While being an advocate for eating disorder awareness and it being National Eating Disorder Awareness week, I really shouldn't be putting this post in terms of "bad" food.

Let's just say for the past four or five days I've been eating a bit too much of the unhealthier stuff. I think it's absolutely ok to splurge and have the treat you want without punishing yourself, I did go a little overboard. My body told me that it wasn't exactly happy with me during my 4 mile run today. Now I've talked about my love/hate relationship with the four mile runs and this was no exception.

My run went great. I ran about a 10:31 pace which I believe is the fastest I've ever done 4 miles before with a time of 42:05, but my body felt awful. My stomach was cramping and after my workout yesterday and my long run Sunday, I wasn't feeling too great. I could feel that I was going at a good pace, but I didn't enjoy any of it.

It's so important to get the food that your body needs to function during workouts like this. I knew it wasn't going to be fun and I knew this from previous running and swimming experience. What you put in your body is directly correlated with how it functions! Starting with dinner tonight I plan on getting back on track so my body is ready for it's 5 miles tomorrow, 4 on Thursday, and 11 on Saturday.

Good food=Happy body

Until Next Time!

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