Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Review

I've been quite a busy bee this past week and it looks as though I'll have another busy one ahead. I do have time for a quick weekend review though.

Saturday I ran the 5k with Daisy. She absolutely loved every minute of it. My mapmyrun app says that we ran it in about 29 minutes, but we'll wait to see what the official times were. I loved this event and the goodies I got along with it. We received a very cute t shirt along with some coupons for free one night boarding. This might be nice for a getaway soon. I loved the photo booth set up for us and I'm excited to see how the pictures came out that weren't taken on my phone. The weather was hot, but it was a great route mostly along a trail downtown. It was quiet and there weren't crowds of people or cars. I also passed a quaint park while running that I'm looking forward to getting back to soon. Overall I thought that this 5k was set up beautifully and I would definitely do it again next year. Most of all, Daisy loved every second of being around other dog friends and running with them!!

Sunday was eventful as well. I moved my long run to this day seeing as Saturday after the 5k I needed a break. I ran 10 miles in about an hour and 57 minutes. Whoo! I bested my 10 mile time from the Twilight Zone 10 miler by about 10 minutes. It wasn't the easiest run I have ever done, but I did it and I ran 99% of it. I think this is a good sign although I would like to be a little faster to make my 2:30 goal for the half marathon at the end of March!! The weather being cloudy and humid definitely had an affect and the not so great diet for the weekend as well. I'm not complaining too much. It's an unofficial PR and I'll take it!

Other than that my life has been pretty uneventful. Studying and getting ready for spring break are the major things on my list!! This week I have 4, 5, 4 in miles and 11 for my long run. Hopefully they go swimmingly and I can go into spring break a happy girl!!

Until next time!

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