Thursday, February 7, 2013


My puppy Daisy completed her first 4 mile run yesterday. While I didn't think she couldn't do it, I was worried considering 4's are always a problem for me.

Daisy did fantastic. I don't think she could have enjoyed it any more than she did. She kept ahead of me and Anna for the most part (sometimes the scents got the best of her), but she did a great job. I'm so very proud of her. I really can't wait to up her mileage as the year goes on.

My dog is my original running buddy. She is the one I started dragging on runs over a year ago and I think she'll always be my favorite one. We aren't really sure what she is mixed with, but there is for sure lab in her and we think greyhound. Either way, she's an athlete. She could go forever when it comes to running and she's fast.

I'm really looking forward to running our 5k together on Februrary 23rd. It'll be my first 5k since 2009 and her first 5k all together!! Hopefully she does well with all the other dogs and so much noise! She's a lover, but she's definitely still a bit of a baby. We'll see how it goes.

For now, I think my runs might be done until Saturday. I feel a cold sneaking up on me and with so much to do all the time, I think I'll be taking a bit of an extra rest today. I'm looking forward to 6 on Saturday though!!

Until next time!

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