Monday, January 21, 2013

Running Buddies

I am going to be running tonight for the first time with my new running buddy Anna. I am so excited to have someone else to pace with and push me. While I was running before, T would ride his bike behind me with our pup Daisy. This usually worked becuase I got words of encouragement, I wasn't alone, and Daisy got exercise. BUT now I have a brand new partner! This gives T the ability to do more in the gym that he wants and Daisy still gets to run her heart out with Anna's puppy Wednesday.

I think for me it will help the runs go by faster and we can discuss what's going on in our running, training, and lives. I'm really excited to have a race buddy as well. We are both very driven and I'm looking forward to seeing the times that we can help each other improve!!

Tonight will be a short 3 mile run that I hope will be the beginning of our training for a pretty hefty race at the end of March! More on that to come later! For now, run on!

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  1. And it was a GREAT run yesterday! Can't wait for Wednesday :)