Saturday, January 26, 2013

Busy Saturday

Today is, as the title suggests, a very busy day! On my list of things to do:

-run 4 miles (my first "long" run! Which will be run in the prarie. Pray I don't run into any gators!)
-see T play rugby! (Always a good time)
-study, study, study!! (This includes a lot of reading and note taking unfortunately)
-make more turkey burgers!*

*While on my run last night the only thing I decided I needed in my life was a burger. So much so that I was a bit of a diva at the grocery store. They didn't have premade burgers to cook and I didn't want frozen patties. Lucky for me the best of the best ground turkey was on sale. For just over 4 dollars for a pound of the organic, farm raised, stress free meat. I made 2 patties about 1/4 lb a piece and added a bit of Italian seasoning. I will never look at another turkey burger the same again! These were delicious beyond my wildest dreams!! I could tell the major differences between the regular ones and these natural ones. I think I found a new favorite!

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