Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rest Days

I have to say that at the end of a very long week my Sunday rest day is fantastic. This week I had 4 run days, 3 gym days, and my 2 a days for stretching. The latter of which is not really a workout, but I'll count it because it consumes 20 minutes of my day.

I'm hoping that I have done enough resting to start up a fantastic week of training. I have my 4 running days planned with hopefully 2 or 3 gym days to do some arm strengthening. We'll see how it goes.

My total weekly mileage from last week was 13 and this week it will be about 15. I'm hoping I can get it all in with the meetings and work schedule I have. I might have to maneuver a night run to a morning! Yikes! Hopefully I can work everything in to my very busy life.

For now, I rest on.

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