Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Getting on Track

It is so nice to be getting back into running and being on a plan again. I think running is my structure for all things. As long as I can run, everything else will fall into place. Currently I am relying on this for my homework that I am behind on. I have a lot to do, but making time for it and running has helped me start to organize my nights a little better. Considering I keep adding to my plate, organization is my life saver.

Running is for me:

My stress reliever;
My therapy;
My strength;
My plan;
My structure;
And one of my loves;

Running is the friend I never knew I had. Or maybe just the friend that I never expected or wanted anything to do with. The first thing I said when my friend Danielle said you should run a half marathon with me was, "I can't." For some reason though, as she continued talking about all that I would have to do and how far away it was, something in me stopped. I realized that the only thing holding me back from running a half marathon almost 4 months later, was me. The only thing that ever holds me back is me. For whatever reason, in that moment I made a decision that changed everything and set me on a path to greatness.

It may have taken a year, but I'm in the right spot. The things I want to accomplish this year are more than I ever thought I would be able to accomplish or even attempt. Yes, I was an athlete in high school. I was and still am very competitive. I wanted to achieve greatness and be the best I could be.

Running is different. I feel like it is more than anything I did in high school. I'm GOING to run a marathon this year. It's going to happen. I never thought I would say that in my  life. Well maybe I wanted to at some points, but I never thought twice about it or formulated any plan. It was always "one day". Then one day, with a little help from a friend, I seized hold of my life. I decided that "I can't" isn't in my vocabulary. I may be scared to try something, but I'm honest with myself about that fear.

I know I can accomplish more than I ever imagined and I'm on my way to accomplishing those things. I know wherever my dreams take me, that is where I was meant to be. This is my time and if it had been any other time it wouldn't be right. With everything falling into place, now is it.

Fate is my best friend.

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