Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend Review

It's been a bit of an exciting weekend here in my house.

 Friday was the first day that it was actually warm. I was so excited!! Finally some warm weather!! It's too bad it's the end of my spring break. I was hoping to get an adventure in over the weekend, but that was to no avail. Tim had some work stuff to deal with and it was dragged out far enough that a trip just wasn't possible. Oh well!! Sometime soon perhaps.

Saturday I had to drag myself out of bed for a run. I didn't even get up until after 9. This can be difficult when you have 12 miles and you know it will take you over 2 hours. Well, that didn't go so great for me. After another painful run after about 5 or 6 miles, I had had enough. At mile 7 I took off my shoes and called Tim to come get me. I proceeded to run an extra mile or so in just my socks. I have to say I loved it. Other than having to watch for acorns, sticks, and glass, I felt really good doing this.

 I knew my shoes were the problem. They have been fighting my natural stride and causing major problems on my long runs. Enough already!! I went home, showered, and headed straight to the mall. I ended up falling for 2 pairs of shoes. The Brooks Pure Flow 2 and the Newton Distance. In LOVE!!! I opted for the Pure Flow 2 because of the price and the fact that I have 3 weeks until my races and I need a training shoe. I'm thinking about going back for the Newton's before summer just to have it as a race shoe. The Flow 2's are perfect though. They have  4mm drop, they are a mid strike shoe, and they are exactly what I need for running on my toes already. I can't wait to try them out on my 4 mile run tomorrow. I'll have a review then!

While I was at the store, I grabbed a pair of Experia socks and a few new GU flavors I'm excited to try. 

In other news, today is Sunday and I plan on just doing a bit of stretching and foam rolling to help my hips. Nothing too exciting. Maybe attempting to get back in the swing of things for school tomorrow. We'll see what happens! 

Until Next Time! 

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