Friday, March 8, 2013

Ramblings of a College Student

I am currently on spring break. No, I'm not writing this is Cancun, my beach front hotel somewhere, the Keys, or my room on a cruise. I'm writing this in my cozy apartment in North Central Florida. I can say that the most exciting aspects of this week have been sleeping in past 7am, cooking new food, and going out to eat on a few occasions. I know, I know. Spring break only comes once a year, so I might as well go crazy.

Seriously though, I've had a pretty good week. I made 3 new recipes and we loved all 3!!! I made zucchini pizza sticks, spaghetti squash, and stuffed eggplant.

They were all extremely simple recipes and the only one that took a bit longer to make was the stuffed eggplant. 

For the zucchini rolls we cut zucchini in half length wise, scooped a little canyon into each half, put some spaghetti sauce in the crevice, added some cheese and baked at 350 until the zucchini was soft. You could really do a lot with this recipe. You could add toppings and different sauces and cook to different softness. It was really quite simple and we didn't go too crazy because we didn't have too much in the house. 

The spaghetti squash was another simple one. Cut the squash in half length wise and scoop the pumpkin like goop out of the center. Cook for about 45 minutes to an hour in a 375 degree oven. Ours were done about 45 minutes in. Then remove strands with a fork. We added a little bit of parm cheese and some pasta sauce and fell in love with this!! Neither of us had had spaghetti squash before so it was one we look forward to trying again. 

For the stuffed eggplant recipe we had to modify just a bit because we didn't have everything. It was still super simple and I was done cooking everything in about 30-45 minutes. We loved this one as well. Both of us have had eggplant Parmesan, but to just have the eggplant was new to us. The stuffing made it so flavorful and it's so healthy with the filling being mostly veggies and some ground turkey. 

Try these!!! They will not disappoint!! 

On a running note, I've had some rough runs this week that didn't get to the distance I wanted. I missed a 6 by .7 and a 4 by .25, but I'm taking today as a super rest day to stretch, foam roll, and relax before my 12 mile run tomorrow. It will be my last big run before I start to taper next week. I'm getting more excited every day for the races at the end of the month!! I can't wait!! 

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Sorry for the long post today!! Until Next Time!!

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